Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wednesday was a busy one...

Today was super busy day. We had doctors appointments today. Cliff had his shot for twinrix. Caroline had MMR and chicken pox immunizations. Courtney had her 3 - 4 month immunizations. Boy, was there ever a lot of crying in the room. Thankfully Cliff did not cry ;D

Claire's ear is totally healed from the perforated ear drum incident about two weeks ago! Yay for healing.

Caroline took the shots well, and got her treat.

Courtney, she has a big 'coconut' and is in the 95th percentile for her noggin! So I think we named her right! And, she was 17 1/2 pounds! Yay for good nursing sessions! I know she is not starving LOL! Time to start solids soon! I cannot believe we are getting to that point already.

When we got home, my Dad was outside the house with the other girls and boy who didn't have appointments. And imagine to my surprise to come home and see Carly and Claire drive without their training wheels! It was so exciting! To see them do that all on their own! Yay for the girls! Even Grandpa came out in the wheelchair, and Nonna and Nannie to cheer them on! It was a lovely moment! Our big girls! Nannie took some photos of the family today, and the girls' riding without their trainers! So, we cannot wait to see those photos!

Then, it was dinner, bed, bath, teeth and reading. The usual night routine, but our sweet Caroline threw up three times?! We are not sure why, but oh dear. Not so fun. And Courtney was non stop feeding machine. Must be a 6 month growth spurt!! Combined with teething action.

And, thanks to my cousin Andrea/Kirby/Matthew for bringing the cool 'Rock n' Bounce' for Courtney to borrow! She is loving it! Thank you for saving my arms during the day :D


Carol said...

maybe something to do with her vaccinations? How is she today?

Cathy said...

Carol: She now has the 'runs' drank water and then threw up AGAIN. Poor baby. Can you get pukey like this from immunizations? She is not feverish or anything else. SO WEIRD. Never had this after anybody and immunizations. Should I call the doc to confirm?

ticblog said...

2 wheels is SO COOL!!!

Hopefully whatever it is comes and goes quickly...

Kerry said...

Way to go Carly and Claire on the 2-wheelin'! That's a huge step!

Hope Caroline is feeling better... :(

Anonymous said...

Way to go girls on the bike riding and no training wheels! Sorry the little ones (and big one) had to get needles. They are no fun! (When do Catie and Matty get their last set of vacs? I can't remember!)
You're so welcome for the Rock n Bounce - glad I finally got it over to you! (And that your arms are getting a bit of a break!) Remember to send me a photo(s) of her in it, ok??? :-)
Love to you all. Andrea xo xo

Cathy said...

Hey Andrea...just before Kindergarten are the last ones!! Yay for that!

And I will be sure to take a photo cuz now I have free hands LOL!


Allyson said...

Hope our little darlin' is feeling better now.
Sorry everyone, my pixs were almost non existent, but put what I had on my blog! Nanny missed the boat on that one let me tell you.

Pappa, was flying high last night, just thinking of his 2 little girlies riding sans training wheels. :) :0