Friday, May 09, 2008

So much throw up

Cliff and I have been cleaning throw up since yesterday! We just cleaned up some more. We are 38 minutes into our 10th wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary Honey!

I never would have imagined 10 years ago we would be cleaning up throw up from two of six kids!

Not really the kind of anniversary present I was expecting! Well, time for bed.

I hope Caroline and Catie stop throwing up. I hate to see them sick!


Kelly said...

Happy anniversary Cathy!! I hope Catie and Caroline feel better soon and that nobody else gets sick!


Allyson said...

Oh No! Hopefully it's like when a birdie poops on you-like good luck-or a blessing! I am sure you don't feel very blessed right now. But you are, 10 years of marriage to wonderful partners, 6 children, healthy, smart, active and loving! And family that loves you. Happy 10th. Not the way you imagined it, but you've got to take it any way you can. Love you tons. Mom and Dad xxxxxxxxxx oooooooooo (10!)

Kerry said...

Happy Anniversary! :)