Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Caroline is 3 Weeks Old Today

So, where does the time go? Already my baby girl Caroline is 3 weeks old. Officially she is 3 weeks old and almost 2 hours.

Today, I left Caroline with Daddy and her sisters while I took my oldest daughter Claire to her first Kindergarten intro session for 1 hour today. (I really wanted to be the one to take Claire for all her firsts at Kindergarten!) It is amazing to watch my big girl stand up with the teacher and become the "teachers helper" acting as Mrs. Wishywashy for an action story. She looked so big! And, at home my little baby girl...so new, with so much to learn, and so much life ahead of her. And just 5 years ago Claire was in the same position.

Amazing to think how fast the time is flying already.

Today, I got thrown up on by Caroline! SOOOO much came out and all over me, her, the chair, my skirt, my tank top! Gotta love the smell of pukies all over. I washed her all up, and we are OK! I still smell like pukies. Yuck. Caroline smells pretty and that is all that matters.

Caroline, 3 weeks already. Wow. I am MADLY in love with you. I love you. I love watching you try to focus on me, and in the process become cross eyed. I love your actions with your arms, like you are wiping at something. I look forward to your first smiles! Really everything that is your first will be amazing. You are also developing a dimple on your right cheek. (just like Daddy)


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PamnPat'sParadise said...


I love reading your blog and the loving way you speak about your children and your husband.

Even when you are speaking about how you don't like your body right now, it is still fun to read (wink)