Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dental Appointments Yesterday

We made our dental appointment yesterday. Cliff, Cameron, Claire and Carly and I had our regular 6 month cleaning appointment. We took Caroline too, but she just slept in the carseat. (Thank goodness.)

They schedule us for a two hour block from 3-5 pm. Cameron went first, I went second. After them was Carly and Claire. After all of us were done, Cliff went in. The kids love going to the dentist, and thankfully the office loves it when all of us come in! Everybody's teeth look good. Except, Cliff has a filing that has to be redone next weekend. And, Cameron has been referred to an orthodontist for his bite to bite. So, thankfully we have a bit of ortho coverage! I will have to look at the benefits plan to see just how much.

All of us got new toothbrushes, Carly chose an amber coloured ring, Cameron and Claire got these brightly coloured plastic sticky feet that you can swing around and they stick to everything. Cameron threw his and it stuck perfectly to the ceiling at the dental office waiting room. Cliff had to jump up and get it down. I brought felts and paper for the kids to keep them busy, and the office had paper and crayons. It worked for awhile, but then they got rowdy! Carly and Claire were going behind the desk and bugging the receptionist! Thankfully she was patient with them all. They always tell us that our kids are awesome, and they love it when we are here for our visits. (I think they lie LOL-they just will get a lot of visit from our 7 members of our family!!! Cha Ching!!)

I am glad that dental appointments are only every six months. That gives us until November to prepare for our next visit!

I asked about ZOOM whitening for myself. It will cost $299.00 cdn. I am going to save up for this so after I am done with breastfeeding etc. I can brighten my smile! Whoo hoo!!


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