Monday, May 22, 2006


Caroline Mae - Age 2 weeks and 5 days old

Although I have done this 4 times before, the miracle of a newborn is always brand new to me. Each and everytime! And the time from Newborn to Baby goes way too fast. Way too fast.

It is hard to remember that each of our other kids were once this small. Imagine being so tiny that you could fit like this on a chair. When I put my hand along your back, my hand covers your whole back to your cute little bottom. These are the things to remember, because one day she will be sitting on the chair and reading a book with her Daddy.

Caroline, you are losing your "newborn" appearance already. You are filling out your skin, and your once peeling skin on your feet, hands and ankles is pretty much gone. Your face is pink and round, and you are getting second chin already! I keep whispering to you to stay little, but I know you need to grow. You will always be my "forever" baby.

You have THE MOST smooth, soft pink skin. You feel like a fine velvet! You are opening up your dark blue eyes and looking around, and reacting to the many sounds around you. Tomorrow you are already 3 weeks old. It is hard to imagine that 3 weeks ago tonight, was my last night of ever being pregnant. Feeling you move, and roll within my belly. Those 9 months went by too fast too.

I am going to document as much as I can, as I don't want to forget these beautiful times with you and your big brother and 3 other sisters! I know these are wonderful days!

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