Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mothers Day - May 14, 2006

Caroline 12 days old

Cameron, age 6.5

Catie age 20 Months

Carly age 3.5

Big Sister Claire, 5 with Baby Sister Caroline, 12 days old

(photos of the kids taken by Aunty April. Thank you for taking them April)

Mother's Day was nice. Started off with breakfast with the inlaws here. We had eggs bennie and fruit salad. I received a lovely bouquet of flowers from Cliff in pinks and purples. Cliff even brought me a decaf vanilla latte from Starbucks. I opened up my gift from Cameron which was a terra cotta soap dish, and a soap. And, a nice coloured booklet on why Cameron loves me. From the girls I received beaded bracelets from the preschool Mother's Day tea at school on Friday. It was nice morning with them also. It was nice to watch them sing and do the actions of the songs. It was special to see my girls doing that, and then looking down at little Caroline. How far we have come in just over 8 years of marriage.

Then, we (together with my sisters) packed up a lunch and brought it over to my parents for a lunch for my Mom. The photos are from that visit. It was the perfect day! Hot and sunny...