Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Well, it certainly has been a busy day in our house today. I am so glad that my MIL stayed home today to deal with all of the mess, and all of the people and stuff that happens a long with the mess. It has been non stop noise since 10 am. Pair that with the noise of our family and it is mayhem and crazy!

The Washing Machine...We had a repair man in today to see what went wrong with the washing machiong. The stop valve on the machine is gone because it wore out! Wore out. The machine is not yet 3 years old! And the best part of the story is that the replacement part has to be ordered in from Calgary. So, we will not have laundry for atleast 2 more days. That is the worst news for me. Caroline spat up in our bed this morning, and I don't have a spare set of sheets! Cliff and I will be making a trip with Caroline to the laundromat this evening. It is like back to when Cliff and I were first married. Back then we actually liked going to the mat, we would drink juice or pick up coffee's smoke our brains out on Cambie Street. This time, not so fun. Lovely. Not exactly fun this time. More so, a hassle.

The Kids...they are going stir crazy as they cannot go outside in the backyard. It is too dangerous for them. Open crawlspace, tubes through the house, and the smell of thyme...wafting through the house. Atleast it is all natural and will not harm the kids. Too bad that finally we have a nice day, and they are stuck on the deck or in the house. Not fair!!

Me...I am going crazy today. I have a rager of a headache, I am tired and I am tired of hearing from Cameron "I am bored today." for the 100th time since I picked him up from school. I don't like the smell of thyme, and I don't like the smell of 2nd hand smoke. And, I feel bad for Caroline as she is only 4 weeks old. The girls are doing OK. I just want to collapse on the couch, or in my bed...but that won't be happening til way late tonight. I feel sad because of the loss of many of my items. I am grieving those losses. Many of my books, my sketch book from school, gifts from when we got married etc. Thankfully my wedding dress and veil made it! I had those professionally packaged back after we got married. Preserved is the word. See, I am losing it. I feel out of sorts because I don't know where all of my belongings are. They packed up the good stuff that wasn't damaged and put it in the garage. I don't like the loss of control and upsets me. I cannot wait to sort through everything. Today I had to do a search on all of our damaged stuff on the net for replacement value. How do you replace sentimental value?! How do you put a price on it? Very difficult because you cannot. Only a dollar amount. That sucks.

Cliff...he missed everything from the clean up to the sorting etc...lucky him. All he did was pull out boxes from the crawlspace last night. And go to work to support us all. I wish I were him right now.

I cannot wait for all of this to be over. Stay tuned.


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Jenny said...

We had water issues last month...I know what you're going through. Thankfully nothing was ruined!
I just love your blog and am going to save it under favourites!