Friday, May 26, 2006

Finally Friday!

This morning started off early, around 5:30 with Catie calling out for me from the crib. I went to her and covered her back up, and told her it was still bedtime. I crawled back into bed. Silence. About 15 minutes later I hear a lot of commotion and voices. All of the girls are up. They get Catie out of the crib, and I asked Claire and Carly to get ready for school. So, they got dressed. I heard Cameron get up, and I asked him to get ready. He did. I was stuck in bed feeding Caroline who also was awake now. (Thankfully she only needs one feed during the night so far, and last night it was at 2 am or so.) So, Carly comes to my bedside, and needed help with her shirt, so I partially roll over - remember Caroline is still feeding, and with my free arm I manage to get her shirt on the right way. Go Mom Go. LOL. Anyways. Caroline finished her feed. I got myself showered and ready in less than 10 mins.

I come out of our room, to the kitchen to see all 3 girls covered in blue and green pastels.
NOTE TO SELF: No more pastels for playdates!!!
Wow. all of that from 4 - 8 1/2 x 11 pages coloured with pastels. All over Claire and Carly's clean clothes and on their face--like make up. Awesome eh. NOT!

So, after a few freak outs from me, the kids cleaned themselves up. I finished feeding Caroline, and put her in her seat. I get the breakfast out, and whamo. She projectile vomits. I got her cleaned up, and I got everthing together. And on time. And with smiles too! We turned around the day with a positive note! Let us all have a good day! Let us enjoy today!!

This is the nice/best part of my day:
I have all of these awesome Mom friends from school. (All Mom's of Cameron's classmates - the same ones at the casserole shower my friend Lisa threw for me) Well. They have been so generous with their offers to pick up Cameron and drop Cameron off at school for me, so that I can get the girls (all 4) into the van and get them to preschool on time. What a HUGE BLESSING they have been in my life. Wow. Anyways, so today Melanie took Cameron to school. Yesterday she did too, and the day before that Lisa (Tijs' Mom.)

I have been getting help from Mom's from the preschool as well. So, when I pull up to the school. They take Claire and Carly upstairs for me, saving me the trouble of lugging both Catie and Caroline up there. And, they are helping me on the way home too. Thank you to my friends Tammy and Tammy! Such HELP!!! Especially when I feel so burnt out and tired!

Back to today: So, one of my other Mom friends Lisa (another Lisa--Joel's Mom) asked if I needed any clothing for Caroline a couple of days ago. And I said sure. So, today she had me over to her home. She and her little daughter Laura played with Catie whilst I fed Caroline. And after I fed her, I went through 2 bins of AWESOME girls things. She said take what you want. The rest is going to the hospital thrift store. So, I took home two white garbage bags home. And, she is going to pick Cameron up from school and drop him home to me. She has offered this help to me on Wed, Thurs and Friday mornings and afternoons. We had a nice visit together, and so did our kids!

So, as you could imagine being in my shoes with the kids, what a beautiful thing this is for me! I feel weird accepting help most of the times, but I thought, why not. They would not offer if they didn't really want to help. So, I have decided to just go with it. Sometimes you cannot make it on your own. And, thankfully there are some REALLY GENEROUS people left in the world. I am greatful for all of the help during this end of the school year. It is SOOOOOOOO appreciated.

Especially when I feel dog tired! And really, not even 4 weeks postpartum!


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