Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Busy Day

Today was a good day. I missed Cliff a whole lot today. He went back to work after about 4 lovely weeks off. We all missed him today. Caroline fed once during the night last night. Around 3 am. Cliff's alarm went off early at 4:50 am. I made sure he got up, as he didn't hear the alarm. He got out of bed at 5:12, and he was out of the house at 5:30. So, I snuggled up to my Caroline, and then I got up at 6:15. (We all went to bed early last night at 10:30 pm)

I showered, and got myself ready for the day. I knew it would be challenging today. So, after I got ready the kids got up, they got dressed while I got the breakfast out and ready for the 4 kids. Cameron helped to pour the milk for everybody. That was nice. I unloaded the dishwasher, I fed Caroline about 3 times, and changed her 3 times. She had some big old reflux going I had to re-feed. So, after that was done, I got Catie dressed. All of the beds made. I ate some breakfast, and then got the kids ready to go out the door to school. Thankfully my friend Lisa picked up Cameron for me, and took him to school, and then I got the 4 girls into the van and off to preschool we went. Of course the train comes, and we had to wait for a few extra minutes. We got to school, and I got Claire and Carly out first, and then Caroline in her seat, and then I grabbed Catie out of her seat. So, Carly and Claire walked up the stairs to the preschool, and I carried both of my little gals up the stairs and into the classroom. Signed them in, and collected Catie in my arms, picked up the infant seat and down the stairs and loaded up the girls. Caroline started to cry a bit at school, so when we got home, I did the same thing, and carried both girls back into the house. Changed Caroline's diaper, and then fed her, and fed her. And then, got a snack for Catie and me...bananas and raisins. Then, time to head back and get Claire and Carly from school. The time was 10:50. Pick up at 11:15. Got to school, and now Catie was sleeping in her seat, and Caroline was sleeping in her seat. I hoisted Catie out of her seat, and onto my right arm, and hoisted up Caroline. Walked up the stairs, and collected my girls. And then, straight back to the van, and loaded the 4 girls in! Thankfully Claire and Carly listened really well, and we got in and home pretty quick. We got home about 11:30, and thankfully I prepared a quick lunch before we left to get them. So, I carried in the two youngest girls, Catie was still sleeping, but as soon as I got her into her crib, she woke up. OK, get her out and get the girls to wash up and serve the lunch. They finished lunch, I made myself a Lean Cuisine, and had a yummy fruit salad with fresh mango and pineapple. I cleaned up the lunch mess, and then fed Caroline. I put Catie down for a nap, and the two older girls played for awhile, and then we watched a kids show or two as I tried to rest. Caroline slept.

Then, it is time to prepare to get Cameron from school. We get the shoes on, I get Caroline and Catie into the double stroller in the garage. I have Claire and Carly help me with the doors. We get out on time. We pick up Cameron. Things went well. We walk home, we pick up a paper. Carly wipes out, and scrapes her knees. I pick her up, and she is crying and causing a big scene. (Really fun LOL) I lift up her pant legs and wipe off her knees and kiss them. She is fine. We get back home. Backpack away, shoes and jackets away. Unload the two youngest girls. Upstairs, wash hands and have snack time. Clean up the snack time, send the 4 kids into the backyard to play. I feed Caroline, and then I start to get dinner ready. Carly came up and helped me make dessert which was butterscotch pudding. I do a load of laundry. I made a nice dinner, and Cliff wasn't expecting a hot dinner on the table when he got home. But there was. I made a yummy sweet and sour chicken (from my casserole shower) and rice and brocolli. The dinner was a hit with everybody! Yes!!!! At this point after dinner, Caroline is crying. I change her diaper, and then I had to have Cliff clean up the dinner because I had to feed Caroline. I cleaned as I cooked, so basically it was put the dishes into the dishwasher and wipe down Catie. The other kids could do their own clean up. Back to the backyard the kids went for a bit. Cliff went and showered up. Catie went into the bath (Cliff did the bath) I made Cameron's lunch for tomorrow. Then the others went into their bath. Cameron did his school reading for 15 mins. The kids brushed their teeth. We watched a few minutes of the Big Comfy Couch. Then to bed at 7 pm. For the past 3 nights Claire, Carly and Catied have all gone to bed at the same time!! This is progress! Usually Cate goes down last, but it is working! I am so pleased. We did all of our goodnight kisses and hugs.

And a few moments of peace for Cliff and I (and Caroline) She was on a feeding frenzy this evening. And now she sleeps! We watched American Idol! Yay Taylor Hicks! Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol! I am soooo happy he won. And, during the time that I typed up this post, Carly fell out of bed, and I put her back in, then she got up and went to the bathroom, and I tucked her back in. During AI Catie was crying so I went to her, and fixed her blankets and tucked her back in.

So, there is a sort of day in the life of a Mom of 5. It was very hectic, but I did it! And, there were many moments of happiness today too! Watching the kids fool around on the trampoline, watching them eat dinner! All eating their steamed brocolli!! All 4 of them! Yes! Hearing about their good days today! We go around the table every dinner and ask about the best part of their day, and their worst part of their day! Usually there is no bad part of their day! They even try to ask Caroline what the best part of her day was. I make something up for her like...being hugged and kissed by her brother and sisters. Having her milk etc.

I wonder what tonight will bring? How will tomorrow be?! Stay tuned!


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Mrs. Merriman said...

All I can say is 'WOW!'. You are the definition of a Mega-Mom!