Monday, May 22, 2006

Happy Victoria Day aka Long Weekend

Well, it sure is miserable out there, and you know what that means? That means that because it is so wet and rainy out there, the kids go a bit stir crazy. It has been a crazy day so far. It certainly doesn't feel very nice today.

Things that have happened today:

Huge baskets of laundry to wash, dry and fold. I would estimate 5 large loads today! That reminds me that I have to buy some more soap!!!

Caroline had a bath last night, and today after I fed her she spat up everything. She was in Ben's chair, and the milk was flying. So, into the bath Caroline went (AGAIN) I think she just likes being in the water! More laundry to do!

We took out the felt markers and the construction paper to keep the kids "occupied" and EVERY time we do this and one or all of the kids decide to colour all over themselves. Each and every time we state the rules: Felts go on the paper only! Right?! And they all agree. So, today we had 2/3 kids colouring on themselves. Carly first, and then Claire coloured black felt all over her legs, white shirt and arms, bottoms of her feet and her toenails! I think she will be the one to tattoo most of her body when she is a teen! (Not if I can help it!) Into the tub she went. I am wondering what the K teacher will say tomorrow when we go for her intro to K class?!

Cameron, well he isn't the most clean of our kids anymore. His room is so messy these days. I am ALWAYS after him to clean up. It takes him FOREVER!!! And, my dear son is a packrat! He sure does like his collections of things! Stuff in bags, stuff in boxes. Shredded paper, lids and other items. And he has a "garbage" drawer in his desk! Too funny.

Hmmm. Anything else today? Well, Carly after opening and eating 3/4's of her yogurt decided she didn't want anymore, I asked her to put her spoon and container into the sink...well she did, and in the process wanted to "wash" the other dishes in the sink! Yup. She listens well LOL. She loves the water!

We have had several time outs today too...we have our kids kicking, slapping and hitting each other. (aren't they loving!) So, into the time out corner they go. We tell them when the time out is over, they must go to the person that requires the apology and apologize.

Just a lot of activities today...skipping ropes down the hallway, and Cameron decided to attach a skipping rope to Catie's crib, and in the process ended up taking a wheel off of the crib! How does that happen?! It happens here folks.

And, today our floors look like we live in a Soooooo messy! I did a lot of sweeping today. Next they need washing. And after that is done, one 1/2 hour later they will look dirty again!

And my darling little Catie?! She was rather quiet today, she likes to hit now, and today at snack time she threw her apples (with peanut butter) across the table, and some ended up on the floor! And she runs through the house with such energy! Now, she is into yelling! And crying to get her way! We try to ignore it for the most part.

So, we decided to got get water for our cooler, so we headed with the kids to the water store, filled up our bottles, and drove through the Timmy's drive thru and picked up a double double for Cliff, I had a yummy french vanilla ice capp and the kids each had hot chocolates. Cameron spilled on his shorts, and Carly had the cutest chocolate mustache (Well mustache and beard LOL) but they enjoyed their holiday treats! LOL. Funny to be drinking hot treats at the end of May! But hey, this is the west coast!

So today, although a holiday, is much like any other day in the life of the C's! CRAZY LOL.

And right now, it is not even 2:30 pm. And now the kids are going outside in the rain!! I am sure there will be some mud to clean up! I am sure there will be some more fun today!!


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