Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hump Day

Yesterday we took 5 loads of laundry to the city laundromat. That was an interesting 1.5 hours. Well, it was done, and folded it etc. That was good. The part for our machine should be here by Friday I hope and pray!

Well, for a Wednesday. We are not doing too badly today. Last night, we put Caroline in her crib at about 11:00 ish, and we went to bed exhausted. Well, my little gal didn't wake us up until 4:15 am! She slept for about 5 hours. That was so weird. My first thought was...IS SHE OK?! and of course she was.

Cameron was picked up by a school friend's Mom today (weird also that her laundry machine went a few weeks ago and ruined their house too) anyways...Cameron got to school. The restoration team was here bright and early removing bags and bags of gyprock, carpeting and flooring from the front lawn. And they began chipping away at the subflooring in the laundry room and the bedroom.They chipped from 8:30 until 1:30. Two guys. They were working so hard, I felt bad for them. Then, this afternoon a guy from a flooring company came in and did an estimate for the new laundry flooring and the flooring for the bedroom. He was really quick. He kept calling me Kelly tho which I thought was funny. I even called him today and said this is Cathy...oh well.

I got the girls two and from school easily today. I had made a lunch before I went to pick them up from school. As soon as we were home, Caroline wanted to eat, so it was good I prepared ahead of time. We played, watched a show or two and I read a couple of stories to the girls.

Tonight I am looking forward to meeting some of my friends for coffee. I think that will be a nice night if I can stay awake for that long.

I think I am adjusting to the sound of the fans, and the smell of thyme wafting through the house. Atleast it is getting the moisture out!


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