Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

Last night Cliff and I made nachos and watched the sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen. It was a very fun movie watching a film about a family of 14 (12 kids.)

There was one particular scene that really got to me, and made me feel all teary eyed. It was a scene where their 13 year old daughter Sarah was asked out on a date. She was a real tomboy. So she asks her big sister to do her make up and help her get ready. The big sister comes downstairs and says Sarah looks a bit different than usual, just go on like nothing has changed when you see her. Well, Sarah comes out of the front door at the cabin. She looks beautiful, her hair all curled, pretty clothing, long legs. All grown up.

I saw this girl Sarah, and I said to Cliff, that is how I think Claire will look when she is all grown up and it made me feel so sad. Tears welled up when I thought about that. Cliff and I too, are moving towards that path, as our family is now complete, and we will not be having any more kids. We are all growing up together now.

Especially watching the parents look at her, their "baby" being picked up for her first date. It was a very touching scene for me. These parents were trying to recreate a bit of their childhood at the cabin for all of the kids, but it didn't work out for the parents as they had expected their trip would go. Their oldest child was expecting a baby of her own, and the other kids were more interested in the other family's kids etc. But, it worked out in the end for everybody. It was very cute, and touching and funny. There were some good positive messages about parenting in there too!

It made me think about how my parents might have felt when we would go on vacations and we would be more interested in the boys. I think that is when my parents stopped taking us on family holidays!

Here is a link to the movie:

Cliff and I laughed a lot, and I managed to stay awake for the whole movie! That to me is thumbs up. I would recommend this movie. But, maybe we are biased because we have a larger family. Makes me see that we are doing a good job with our family. Having the big and beautiful house, the best stuff doesn't always mean that lifestyle is really better. But, that is just my opinion.


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