Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cinderella Hair

Am I Cinderella? Am I living the Fairytale?

Catie always comes up to me and tells me I have Cinderella hair. She comes up from behind, pulls my hair, and touches it. I guess I have "yellow hair", but hey, who can resist Cinderella? Come on now!!

I can relate to Cinderella. Yes, I can. I bet some of you can too!

  • Mommy, I need grapes

  • Wipe my bum

  • Read this story

  • I need my hoodie

  • I need new books

  • I want that

  • I need that

  • Where are my shorts?

  • I want to wear that dress

  • Can you comb my hair?

  • ...and the list goes on! Sometimes the questions (make that demands) never end!

I think I already have my fairytale ending though. I have met my prince.

And wow, I am such a lucky woman!


Babzy said...

Prince of the carrot patch with all his little bunnies. :)

Cathy said...

Yes he is! He is 24 carrots!