Sunday, June 03, 2007

Little Girls' Room - Take II

I picked this chandelier up from Canadian Tire for $70.00 and I just love it. I think Abby might be getting one for her new room too!


***********Dawn*********** said...

You have done a really great job of decorating and furnishing the house!! I still do not know how you have such a clutter free, organized house. I guess we just have too much "stuff"!! Plus my oldest is a "collector". We REALLY need to have our Yard Sale...and quick!!


Andrea said...

I didn't get a chance to go in and see the "updated" little girls' room (Caroline was sleeping...)(And then I forgot to check it out while I was snooping! LOL!!!) I love it! How beautiful!
xo Andrea

Carol said...

Your home is beautiful Cathy!

Mrs. Merriman said...

so cute! Love the cabinet :D The chandelier is my fave!!