Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sisters, Sisters (and babies)

Sisters: Amy, me and April and of course Caroline and Abigail (my beautiful niece!)

Sure, what is one more...


Allyson said...

It was a beautiful day. Thanks Cathy and Cliff and of course, Miss Caroline for turning 1+! I'm so glad these pictures worked out, I didn't have my glasses on when I took them. Even Catie is smart enough to realize that I need them on if I have to see things! April I told you I got the back of you!
Thanks for the memories! xxoo

Alyson said...

Hi Cathy!! I'm all moved in and almost back on line!. I'm sooooo tired! I can't believe you are doing number six!! anyway I just saw your pic and I think you are having another girl!!!
you look great!

Cathy said...

Alyson: I have been thinking of you a lot! I have missed your blogging...

I cannot believe I am doing number six. I think I am having another girl too!

Thanks so much, and maybe you can help me to get to my goal weight, to where you are currently. 133! Well, maybe a few pounds lighter...after the baby is here. I have some serious baby weight to lose. And, get ready for a vein removal surgery. Need to be in the best shape of my life for that! And just for general health and wellness!