Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day Cliff!

The King of our Castle
(aka as Daddy, Dad, Uncle and Cliff)
Today we celebrate Dad! And all things Dad!
From the kids:
  • I like him making pancakes
  • I love it when Daddy tickles me
  • I love it when Daddy makes cereal for me
  • My Daddy makes my bed sometimes
  • I like him because he is funny
  • His hugs and his tickles
  • I love everything he does
  • He hugs me at night
  • He kisses me at night
  • He gives us treats when we go through drive thru
  • He can make us feel better
  • Daddy does good first aid
  • He changes our diapers
  • He dresses us
  • He loves us no matter what we do

From his Wife:

  • His ability to cope with chaos
  • His immense love for his family
  • His laughter
  • His smile
  • His dedication to me
  • His dedication to his kids
  • His love for me
  • He provides for us
  • He gave me five beautiful children
  • His sense of humour
  • His love for me during this sixth pregnancy
  • You give us beautiful kids!
  • Your support
  • His love for his parents, family and friends
  • His handyman abilities and skills
  • His hugs
  • His strong hands
  • His strong shoulders, arms and back that give me big hugs
  • His ability to keep me grounded
  • He keeps me safe
  • He always knows the “right” thing to say -- he’s reasonable.
  • He is always cool, calm, and collected.
  • He always give 110 percent
  • He is always willing to do the dirty work -- diapers, toilets, dishes, recycling
  • He chose me!
  • He makes me feel beautiful
I love you Cliff! You rock my world!
Enjoy your special day!
We love you,
Cameron, Claire, Carly, Catie, Caroline and sweet number six


Carol said...

Happy Fathers Day!!!!

Anonymous said...

You have a good man there, Cathy. I luuuuuv his outfit.

Cathy said...

Thanks...Yes, he is 24 carrot gold!

Andrea said...

From his wife's cousin ~
Happy Father's Day Cliff. You make being a Dad look so easy. Your patience and love for your kids (and mine!) is neverending. Thanks to you for your "parental" advice and friendship. Cath ~ you do have a true gem there. He is such a good guy and deserves to be honoured, not only on Father's Day but everyday. (I know you do already! xo)
Love you ~ Andrea xo