Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday!

What a week! I am so glad that today is the middle of the week! Two more days until the weekend. That is good.

I am sitting down, drinking my ice water from a plastic sippy cup. Carefully sipping with two hands on each side of the plastic wonder! In fact, I have removed every bit of glass from my kitchen, and have resorted to plastic and Corelle. Yup. And, get this paper napkins and plates for the times when I do not want to unload the dishwasher.

Do you believe me?

NOT! And don't believe me!! I have enjoyed everybody and their comments and I have had a lot of laughs this week! Thank you my friends.

BUT! I refuse to give up my "standards of living" if you will. I REFUSE to cave, if I want to drink my water with lemon and ice in a glass, I will! In fact, I am doing that right now. Water tastes better in a nice glass. It is all about presentation! And, I will continue to do onto a different topic lol.

In the last couple of days a few thing have happened, or shall I say gone missing or become broken. We have dimmer switches on 3 light switches in the house. And now, the tab that moves the dimmer switch up and down have gone missing in Catie and Caroline's room, in Claire and Carly's room and now in the dining room. Where are they? Most likely with the gum that is still MIA. I have one tab remaining, as Claire found it for me. But, it is broken and cannot be replaced. Uh huh.

So, really in the grand scheme of things. Not so bad right. Right. I will just be happy that is all.

This week, we have sports day at school, and we are gearing up for the end of the year activities. We have a preschool graduation ceremony for Carly, a kindergarten graduation ceremony for Claire, we have also a big primary field trip to the Vancouver Aquarium and I am hopefully lucky enough to be picked to go as a parent helper as both Cameron and Claire get to go on this together! How exciting.

Miss Caroline is suffering from a terrible bum rash, which we are treating and today she shows signs of vast improvement. She is taking a few steps a day, but is still wanting to use her knees to get around.

We are also anticipating a visit from my parents today, after lunch which I am totally excited for! The kids love it when they visit!

Other than that, just going to do some laundry what else is new, prepare for lunch and think about dinner tonight. I still don't know what to fix.

Our city is working on a Random Acts of Kindness, and it is very exciting! They are teaming up with local businesses, a local newspaper and asking that all residents do three random acts of kindness between June 16 and August something (cannot remember the dates right now) and I would love to see our family participate in that! I am going to talk about this at dinner tonight to see what we can do as family to do our share! I think it is a brilliant idea! And it really doesn't take much to do!

Well, time to get back to the day to day grind!


ticblog said...

I love Random Acts of Kindness. I do them all the time. They kind of give me a little buzz. Like paying for the guy behind me at Timmy Ho's Drive-Thru or mowing the neighbours' part of the greenbelt. Have fun!

Cathy said...

Great idea about the drive thru! Thanks!

Kerry said...

And there I was thinking that ice water from a sippy cup sounded quite civilized!

Kerry said...

Oh! And the random acts of kindness...I saw that in the paper too. Trevor likes to put coins in people's parking meters (but good luck finding those these days!). He also once went for a haircut and a mom and daughter came in to donate their ponytails to a cancer society. He quietly went up to the counter and paid for their hair cuts while paying for his.

Anonymous said...

You girls are so generous.

Here's a good tip Cathy. Do you use a straw to drink your water with? We've tested it out and for some strange reason you can drink more water by using a straw.

Also if you or your kids like juice or pop use a straw with that too. Saw this on TV. The straw keeps the drink away from the back of the teeth so reduces risk of destroying tooth enamel.

***********Dawn*********** said...

Hey Cathy!

I too love Random Acts of Kindness. For mine, last year during my morning runs I used to grab my elderly neighbors newspaper from the end of her driveway and put it outside of her front door. I never told her I was the one doing this, I just liked knowing that I saved her a walk down her long driveway in the mornings.

As for poor Caroline's diaper rash, have you tried Triple Paste? This stuff is FANTASTIC, it always cleared up my girls diaper rashes and helped to prevent them too. JMTC!


Allyson said...

My widowed mom has the neatest neighbours. Every garbage day, after pick up, they come over and place the cans and blue box beside her garage. As mom wasn't an early riser, she never saw who was doing that for her. It took her months to find out. I can tell you on the rainy, arthritic mornings it was and is very much appreciated.

I haven't seen the article yet, but I'm working on some plans myself.

Anonymous said...

I'm back.