Thursday, June 28, 2007

Make up brush update!

We had found one make up brush in our walk-in closet up on a shelf a day or so after we had them go missing.

I am happy to report that I found my angle brush tonight as I went to tuck the girls into their beds. I stepped on something through the carpet. My first guess was a pencil. I pulled back the area rug, and there it was!! My brush is back! All brushes are now present and accounted for! A small victory today!

The latest and greatest in our household is floss. Yes, dental floss. I sure hope the kids do not get any cavities with the way the floss has been flying these days. My two gals aka Double Trouble got into my first container of minted dental floss. I had to go a buy a new package. Cliff picked up a HUGE container for me. I had it in my makeup drawer, and low and behold, can you guess?

In my drawer and find large, long strings in my drawer, and I should have noticed also the large strings on the stairway...yes. They pull it out and do what? I don't know. I just hope this floss will last me for a little while anyways.

Did you know that when Cameron was little and had friend who had thing of dental floss in his pocket. He offered a piece/wad to Cameron, and he bundled it up into a little loop-like bundle and SWALLOWED it?! I had to call the nurse hot line for that one. She said he would poop it out. I guess he did, but I did not go digging lol.

Oh the stories, oh the stories. Ah, life with kids!!


Kerry said...

Whatever you do, put the floss in the garbage can after you use it...not like my parents! When I was in my teens, they used to FLUSH the floss down the toilet when they were done, and one day the toilet stopped flushing. A plumber got called out and had to remove a FLOSS BALL from the pipes, about 3-4" in diameter!

But good on the kids for getting into flossing! Very important!

ticblog said...

I *wish* my kids had an affinity for playing with dental floss. Or a toothbrush. Or a washcloth or the corner of their shirts... Or anything related to dental hygiene. The boys got smart on me, and started wetting their toothbrushes when I told them to go brush, so now I have to sit in there and supervise the little butt heads, make sure they arne't just running them under the water and spending the 5 minutes making faces at themselves in thee mirror instead of brushing.

The Gilberts said...

Logan once swallowed dental floss as well! Different circumstances, but good to know the health like nurse told you the same thing she told me!! heehee

Those girls of yours! Just wait till they are 15 and 16! EEK

Anonymous said...

It's true about the toilet.

Carol said...

This reminds me Hope...
When Beau was from the ages of 8-12 he would go in the bathroom turn on the shower really hot, drain the tank, dab some water on his DIRTY hair, douse himself in AXE and come out smelling like CRAP and perfume.


I can't believe he ate the floss....LOLLOLLLLLLOL

Carol said...

Hopefully no one gets a floss ball in their gut!