Monday, June 11, 2007

Pitter Patter lets get at her!

Big News in our household!
Caroline is WALKING!
Our Caroline started walking yesterday morning, which was Sunday June 10th. She took 2 steps and then 4 steps towards me! We just missed capturing it on film and camera by seconds!

Trying again!

Standing up!

I am so very proud of myself!

I am going to try again! Watch me go!

The biggest cheering section EVER!

Do you see how very happy they are for their little sister!?!

GO, Caroline, GO!

Trying again, and Catie didn't want her photo taken!

It was a wonderful day with Caroline and the kids! We were so excited to be able to watch her start walking together as a whole family! She is just over 13 months.

(FYI: The other kids walked around 12 months)

Today, she walked a couple of steps, and then she took four steps towards her big sister's loving arms! That was a beautiful moment! Soon, she will be off and running just like our other kids! Wow!


Mrs. Merriman said...

Aha! Must have been shortly after we left, non!? Caroline had a super nap, all the while dreaming of walking no doubt and voila!! Yay Miss Mae!!

Mrs. Merriman said...

By the way, the kids look ADORABLE watching her :D That is one priceless picture!

Allyson said...

Look how proud she is of herself. Way to go little kneesy rider no more! I love all of the shots, just priceless.

PamnPat'sParadise said...

Yay Caroline!!! What a big girl!!!

ticblog said...

Oh, my. I foresee Double Trouble about to become the Triple threat...

Andrea said...

Yay! How exciting and worrisome (all at the same time)! Look out mama. Soon (probably already since this post) you'll have to watch out now for all 5! She's much more on the move now. Look out! :-)
Congratulations Caroline! Way to go!
Love Aunty Andrea xo

Momto2princes said...

Go Caroline Go!

Anonymous said...

No stopping her now.

Standing, walking, running, climbing, dancing,

........ life ........

then shuffling, walking with cane, using a walker, riding a scooter (that's one I'm looking forward to - BEEP BEEP)

Eve said...

I just LOVE these photos- your family is so precious. :)