Monday, June 04, 2007

just when life was getting boring

Today, has not been such a hot day. Even in the weather department.

This afternoon after a lovely lunch, Carly comes into the house and her finger is dripping with blood. She had stuck her finger in a "forgotten cooler" at the back of the house and cut her finger in a pop can. So, I bandage her up, tell her to get out of her NEW outfit as there is blood on it. So she comes downstairs, NEW shorts on, and bleeding finger. Somehow the band aid "just fell off" I don't buy it. So, back to the kitchen again for a new band aid. I send her upstairs to get dressed. I call her, no answer and her partner in trouble Claire was up there now too. I give the call for 15 minutes until we go get brother from school. They come rushing down which is just unusual. Carly is wearing a special bracelet from her "baby bin." I grab both of them, as I know they have gotten into an important bin. I go in, blood smeared on a white rabbit I gave them from when I was a kid, on the carpet, on the bedding, on 2 more animals. Church bulletins ripped up like band aids, tags with blood on them. I just wanted to cry. I said we have to leave, so grabbed everything I could. Woke the two little gals from their naps and off we went. I slammed my door and I broke a part of it. (way to go stupid!) I was so mad. So, into the car we go. Carly is crying, Claire is crying and I want to cry. We get the boy. We get home, I get Carly to help me with the bedding, and laundry. After all, I felt this was her responsibility. I FINALLY changed Catie and Caroline's bum. Poor Caroline was soaked through her diaper, and Catie smelled like beer (and her mullet...) and when I was changing Catie, Caroline pulled over a shelf! Thank goodness it did not hurt her. So, I picked that up. Threw out the diapers and then...

I call Cliff, all mad. I was ready to lose it. So I took a breather. I have to have some consequences. So, I think camping is out with Auntie Amy, Uncle Tyler and K. And, I said no birthday parties. When I was on the phone, I look outside, and I notice 3 smashed bottles of beer (I don't drink beer by the way) on the trampoline, and on the grass. Gee. Can you say CATIE. I just turn my back for a second and all heck breaks loose.

The part that gets me the most, is that I have worked so hard to keep baby books, records, memories all together and EQUAL for ALLLLLL of the kids. And now, I am mad because it is all upstairs in heap and now I have to try to put it all back together again. I don't want to do that, as I have worked so much at their stuff, and kept it up all of these years. I feel like all of that work was in vain. I guess when Carly asks why she has less stuff when she is grown up, I will tell her why (and have her read this blog entry-maybe I will make a note of this in her book)

So, now I am doing extra laundry on top of regular laundry, I have to throw some stuff up, pick up broken glass. And of course blog about this just to get it out. I better get back to the kids. Who KNOWS what next. All I know is that I need a break.

I am just thankful that nothing worse happened to the kids. Like more much glass in so little time!


Kerry said...

Deep breath Cathy! (And perhaps count to 100,000?)

Carol said...

I HATE those kind of days! Just think tomorrow will only be better.

Kids are rotten. Especially ones that are into the beer!

Allyson said...

Oh my poor little girly. I am so sorry you had such a hard and very disappointing day. You gotta laugh about the beer smell and the mullet though, I mean they do go together, and it wouldn't be uncommon that a mullet wearer, might just might, break a bottle or two. Say where is our little Miss picking this stuff up? Know we love you, and I'm glad you can vent, because that was a truly terrible, truly horrible day. Some days you get the bear and other days the bear gets you. Bear 1, Cathy Zip xxxxx

Irma said...

Eeek I hate those kind of days! One step forward and two steps back (or more) Hop into bed on time to night if you'll make you feel better in the morning (-:

Makes me feel better that other people have out of control days too...we're all human and can do only so much right?!
On these kind of days you just can't imagine fitting another one in the picture, huh, but YOU WILL!
Take care of yourselve....(-:

***********Dawn*********** said...


I am so sorry your little angels decided to act like little devils. I too have been having a rough time lately. What helps me is knowing that their children will do the same to them one day :)

Hang in there, something cute will happen that will make you forget all about this mischief!


Yvonne said...

**hugs** You will make it through! I understand your frustration about working so hard on the memories but Cathy they will appreciate it later on ... even if they "ruin" it for themselves. Don't give up on it. I guess we all have to take the bad with the good! Vent away ... it helps!

Cathy said...

Wow, so much support. Today as some of you have mentioned is much better. I am SO over yesterday.

I love you guys! Thanks for listening to me ranting and raving!