Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Graduates

It was a big week or two in our household. We had many milestones reached and memories made.

It is officially summer vacation (although the weather would lead me to believe it is still fall.)

Carly graduated from Preschool, and is moving on to Kindergarten and joins her brother and sister at school in September.

Claire finished up Kindergarten and is moving onto Grade One, which means full days for her and she CANNOT wait! Claire won an award for "your Kindness to others"

Cameron, finished up Grade Two, and is heading into Grade Three. He came third in his class for amount of books read, and won a gift card to Chapters. Cameron won an award for "Good Citizenship."

Catie, well my little lady is getting set to enter a two day a week preschool class starting in September. Our next challenge with her is to get her fully potty trained. And, to hopefully grow out the mullet, which has an additional chop chop on off the top. Yes, you read this right. Claire cut the top off of her hair, and Claire cut her own locks off the side. I can assure you, the scissors are HIDDEN!!

Caroline has officially taken to walking and practically runs everywhere! Yay Caroline! You are a true-toddler now!

It will be a wonderful September, but I am not going to wish away our summer vacation. The kids have lots of fun and exciting things to do this summer. So, we will take it day by day. I know it will be FABULOUS! I am looking forward to having my babes all at home together with me!

Congratulations kids on all of your accomplishments! I am so proud of you all. We love you all.


ticblog said...

Well done, little C-chickens!

Mrs. Merriman said...

Way to go kids!!!

Carol said...

Congratulations mini-c's