Sunday, June 03, 2007

June 2nd

Caroline was officially 13 months yesterday, and so we threw her a big birthday bash (right Nancy!!) and she had a blast as we all knew she would! (no therapy right Nancy!) Nancy is the girlfriend to our good friend Gill (Gill was our Crash Test Mommy in 2004) and his girlfriend said we better throw her a big party like the other 4 kids had or else she would need therapy. So, yesterday we had I would say about 30-40 people here for a bbq, treats, appies, and cupcakes. And of course my pink punch!

A good time was had by all, especially the birthday girl herself! Miss Caroline. She is still not walking but prefers to walk along on her knees. My Mom calls her Kneesy-Rider...right Mom!

Thanks to all who came out to celebrate with us! We had a great time, and we hope you all did too.


Allyson said...

Thanks for getting my butt as I was calling to someone out the window! grrrr :(

The rest however, are good.

Anonymous said...

Great photos of your family get togethers.

***********Dawn*********** said...


Glad to see the party went so well. I love seeing photos of all of the family. I only wish I could get that many family members together...without them arguing or complaining!! YEAH for Gill finally "settling down"!!


Andrea said...

Of course we had to come and celebrate with you guys! We wouldn't have missed it! It was such a wonderful afternoon and I am happy that Caroline enjoyed herself! (As did all the other kids!) xo Andrea

Andrea said...

Oh, and Auntie A??? No one would have KNOWN it was your butt...!!! Should've stayed quiet! :-)

Kerry said...

Love the cake (er...cup-cakes!)!
Very pink and girlie, of course!