Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the rac came back...

...the very next day! And then the next day again!

I don't live in a zoo. (Well sometimes I really feel like I do!) I promise.

But lately, we have experienced a lot of "wild life" in our own backyard. We have had these mischievous raccoons who come out to play at night. The sensor light went on last night. I thought it may be our cat Albert. I looked all around. It was the raccoon. He was on our roof. And of course I yell upstairs to the "Raccoon Hunter" aka Cliff to say to him the raccoon is BACK! Cliff opens the sliders and I hear him make a lot of noise. He was really scared (the rack) not...he just stayed on the roof...and headed towards Cameron's window. My goodness. I said to Cliff this is because he plays with the animals!! They LOVE our house.

Since we have moved we have had Canada Geese fly over, seen three wild rabbits prancing through our front yard and surrounding area, birds of all types, well loose dogs (I don't think that really counts now does it?!) and now these raccoons. We also have horses and cows a short walk away! We think it is pretty neat. Well, except for playing raccoons on our roof at twelve midnight.

It is amazing what a move does. It may not be a move to the country, but at times it is so very close!


Allyson said...

Racoons can be scary. Don't feed the kids outside!

Anonymous said...

Cathy! Tell me about the loose dogs! Were they the pit bulls?

Cathy said...

Mom: They come out at night!! I just don't want the rac to eat the baby birds that live on our roof. We were worried about that last night.

Babzy: The dogs live across the street (well kinda) and we think they are renters. The dogs had tags. And they were large, brown, stalky and loose out on the street. The owner/renter whatever left his gate open and they escaped. I would say they were 5-15 houses away when the owner discovered that they were out. They were not nice dogs according to our nice neighbour Gary.

I am now a bit leary to leave the kids outside in the front!!

Anonymous said...

We lived across a busy street from a house with three pit bulls. The house itself had all these cameras and security things as well as a huge fence like you see around school grounds, and a big sliding gate across the driveway. The guy who lived there had all different vehicles including a Hummer and motorcycles and other stuff. We think the guy was a major drug dealer and Hell's Angels. Something like that. The police would sometimes be parked outside his fence.

The dogs were loose inside the fence but I was always worried they would get out. The kids from the high school would tease them and run sticks along the fence to get them barking and all worked up.

Allyson said...

Cath, I just meant, they might drop food during the day which could encourage the little critters even more 0-) Don't need that. And I double dog-dare you to stop them from eating or dropping food outside. I know, I've tried and we all know if Nanny can't, then no one can-HA HA!

And, I would worry about the kids playing out front too. Too unpredictable and scary those dogs.