Friday, June 22, 2007

The Week in Review...well what I can remember of it anyways!

Edited to add something that I forgot:

A yellow school bus trip to the Vancouver Aquarium on a primary fieldtrip that included Cameron and Claire and hundreds of other K's, Grade 1, 2 and 3! I got to sit on the bus with my other friend Lisa who is also pregnant with her sixth baby! And we are due 5 days apart! How cool is that! We all got to see the beluga show, the dolphin's, sharks, a turtle and many more cool things! And, a lovely drive through Stanley Park! And the day was sunny and warm! It was a wonderful day!

Two raccoons partying in our backyard a couple of evenings back. Cliff and Cameron were on raccoon watch, whilst I tried to sleep. I wake up to see a raccoon with one of Catie's nice pink sandals in its mouth. One raccoon even licked our slide! I know the kids leave lots of goodies around! I wonder what he or she sampled? Must have been delish!

Walking to school yesterday, a nice neighbour by the name of Gary, told us to turn around and go back the other way as two big pit bull dogs were loose on our street. Thankfully the owner noticed they slipped out of the side gate and got them back. Gary introduced himself to us and the girls, and let us park ourselves and the stroller under his front entrance for safety! There are nice people in the world! Thanks for the help Gary! You made our day, and made us feel very safe!

A great prenatal appointment with good news from my triple screen blood work.

A surprise MAC book hidden in my office for me to find! I can now be online ANYWHERE in
the house! Thanks my love!

Wandering around the mall with my MIL last night as I let Cliff do the cup feeding for Caroline as I am trying to wean her! Tonight will be day three and FINALLY finished! *fingers crossed*

Plastic pools and colourful Popsicles on a summery day with the kids! Listening to them yell and scream and have fun splashing each other.

The first day and the longest day of Summer! We love summer at our house!

Watching my little Carly graduate from preschool today! And now, she is ready to go to Kindergarten in September! Imagine that!

Going to McDonalds tonight for a big fundraiser and seeing lots of families and friends from school and helping to raise funds for a great school! I wonder how much money was raised in the two hour time period! It was a lot of fun!

Watching the kids sit and eat their dinner together and have fun!

Working on a letter of complaint about a realtor (from the buyers side of our last home) who really didn't do a wonderful job. Feeling satisfied that I am going to say something FINALLY, and do something about it instead of letting it go like I usually do! I am tired of letting things go! It is time to stand up, and start making complaints when they are needed! YES!

I am looking forward to the peace and quiet that night brings in our home! I am looking forward to our weekend! I love the weekends as all of us can be together!!

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Carol said...

please don't even say there are pitt bulls! A few years back two pitt bulls were loose and attacked another leashed dog close to the school. The school was alerted and so were all the families as it took a while for them to find and contain the dogs. I wonder if it was the same ones? please please NO. It scares me.