Friday, June 08, 2007

Oh the Toilette Water...and I don't mean the sweet smelling stuff!

Yes, my little Caroline has a thing for all things messy and dirty. She loves the toilet water, sometimes there are "treats" let me just say that are left behind, or if we are lucky a clean bowl. I heard some splishin' and a splashin' and I thought to myself...Caroline is playing in the toilet again! And so I go a running in there...and yes...toilet water. In her hair, up her arms and dress. So gross. Thankfully the bowl was clean. So off to the sink we went, a washing we went.

She also likes poopy diapers, food off of the floor, and food and crumbs that were just swept into a pile! She goes straight for them. She has even eaten poop (well that is what I think) remember the story about when Cliff came home and found me crying and cleaning up a poop trail all the way down the bedroom, down the hall and in Caroline's hands and mouth. That had to be the WORST thing I have ever witnessed. Your little baby girl with poop all over her, and in her mouth (and when I look back I was pregnant, thus the tears and crying as I RARELY cry!)

We ask the the kids please close the doors to the bathroom, and keep the lid down. But still "somebody" still forgets to do this simple task or tasks for us.

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ticblog said...

Mmmm. Yummy.

I promise, they *do* outgrow this...