Friday, June 08, 2007

Everything is coming up ROSES

The posie of Peonies brought to me by my Catie girl (above)

Cynthia inspired me to get my camera out and take some photos of the gorgeous flowers in our garden this year. This is the scented Peony that my Papa planted for me in November just before he died the following year. I have brought this beautiful memory with me to three different homes we have lived in. I know my Pappa would be asking me if they are watered. And, I would say Yes, Pappa they are watered. He always told me to be sure to water them. As I have. They are certainly beautiful.

This particular Peony plant means so much to me. When I went though an early miscarriage back in 2003 (June 15) the same bush was blooming, and as I was waiting for everything to finish up, Cliff snipped a whole vase full of these, and brought them into the bathroom. In February, my Pappa died. Now, every year when I see the blooms I am reminded of my Pappa and of the baby who didn't make it into our lives, but is forever in my heart.

Last year, all of the heads of the Peony were picked off, head by head by my Carlyflower. So I never got to see them. This year, my Catie girl. The one who was conceived and born after our miscarriage brought me the first bloom off of my plant.

She actually brought me three, and they are the first picture of this post. The pale one is from my plant, and the dark pink are from the new house. I thought at the time she gave me the flowers. Here is Catie! How lucky and blessed we are we were able to try again, and create this beautiful little girl who brings laughter, love and joy into our family. It really brought a smile to my face. How divine really. Had we not lost, we may never had had this sweet little Catie.


Mrs. Merriman said...

Perfectly pretty peonies :D xo

ticblog said...

Plitty Plitty Flowers!

Allyson said...

I am loving the peony pictures, first from Sista C, and now yours, and quite likely more of your blogger friends.

I think its the multilayers of pinks and reds in such abundance that grabs you and pulls you in. And if there is that beautiful scent, well you're a gonner. Quite like love itself I'd say.

The Besth Blog said...

A bumper crop of beautiful peonies! Lovely photos of Catie, mullet included. :-) These are my favorite flower too. Perhaps enlarging a few photos for your new office?