Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tuesday Tuesday

Today was a much better day. I had a lovely day with Jasmyne, and her two wonderful little boys Tyler and Logan. Jasmyne brought me lovely pink carnations, Tim Bits, and delicious fruits for lunch. I gave them a tour of our place, we chatted, chased the kids, and then we walked with our Chariot's up to the school to pick up Claire and Carly from Kindergarten. Carly was invited by the teacher to go to school today.

When we got home, I made eight PB&J sandwiches, and Jasmyne prepared the fruits! And, most of the kids ate them. The fruits were WONDERFUL! A bit of clean up, and then a bit more play and they were on there way back home, and my two littlest went down for a long nap. I had some quiet time, and Claire and Carly got into the hand lotion, and soaked a book, their socks and some of the bed during the quiet time. It was quiet all right, so quiet, and yet so destructive. My double trouble those two. I think all of my grey hairs come from those two kids. Yup...I think these items will have to go onto a HIGHER shelf. They used the bathroom stool to access the items they are not allowed to touch.

I then walked back to school to get Cameron. And then Cliff came home a bit early. With a beautiful sunflower in a pot for me, and the latest issue PEOPLE magazine. And a big hug. The hug was the best.

We had a nice dinner tonight. We had grilled chicken in quescaadillia's as we like to call them. Quesedilla's for all of you out there. They had cheese, re fried beans, tomato, jalapenos. And salsa, sour cream and avocado on the side. Cliff did them on the BBQ and he made the perfect grill marks. They were delicious. I also made iced tea. That hit the spot.

After dinner we watched the news about the flooding concerns. I am thankful to be away from the flood plains. I hope all of my friends that are in a danger area can get out safely, and little damage is done to property and belongings.

Kids are in bed now, and I am glad that the day went a bit nicer. I think it was the company this morning. It was so nice to chat with Jasmyne. Nice to talk to another adult!!

I am still not sure what to do about Catie's mullet. Hope gave me a link to a cute pixie cut. That might be the way to do it. Hmmm. Maybe a consult with my hair stylist is in order. I know if I did a pixie cut I would really have to dress her in dresses and pink lol! Or else she may get mistaken for a little boy. I don't know...the sides are shorn to her head.

Other than that, I enjoyed listening to the new 95Crave station that was formerly Z953. It is going to be good. It is targeted to 25-45 year old women! I guess I fit their target market. I look forward to the next few weeks to see what happens.

How am I feeling? Well, I am feeling a bit better these days. I am 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I have belly and I am feeling less sick which is promising. I am ALWAYS tired though. I still get up to pee once a night, and I get back into bed and my husband is snoring. I have to hit him and tell him to turn over. This guy snores on his stomach and it so annoying. I got a call from the vascular surgeon of all people today. They wanted me to come in and do paper work. I told her I was pregnant again and need to be put back on the list. She congratulated me, and asked me to call them when I have had the baby, and I am done breastfeeding. So, basically I will be calling next December or January. Fingers crossed the wait will not be that long. My legs look so bad.

That is my day in a nutshell. I am sure I am forgetting something, but oh well.

Time to prepare for tomorrow.


Kerry said...

Glad your day was better (and more calm) Cathy! Cliff gets a gold star for the People mag and sunflower -- very thoughtful. Those grilled quesadillas sound really good -- does he do catering? LOL!

Momto2princes said...

We had fun Cathy! Thanks for letting us come hang out!
What a sweet husband you have. I would say he is a keeper! LOL
Your dinner sounds yummy!