Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Taco Chip Tuesday

Today our little "Catie Climber " whom we also refer to as our "Monkey Girl" because she loves to sit down on her bum pick up a foot and look between her toes. She likes to make fun monkey sounds and she is a climber!

So today, Catie decided to climb into the pantry door and pull out red taco chips (actually two bags.) She decided to fill a plastic purse with taco chips. And then the taco chips went on an adventure with her. I found taco chips in the kitchen, family room, office, living room and hallway. I would say almost like a taco chip trail! Yup, she is an advanced little monkey!

Carly my helper-girl wanted to do all of the vacuuming. So, out came the vacuum and she did all of the surfaces with my directions. She did a great job! I have found no more evidence of red taco chips anywhere. We are talking two-half bags. EVERYWHERE.

Oh, and our sweet Caroline ate the leftovers that were not picked up by the vacuum.

Oh the daily adventures of a large family!


Allyson said...

Time to blog the cheerios monkey, mom!

***********Dawn*********** said...

I call my girls monkeydoodles, and they love to transfer, pour, shove and hide their food in toys and purses too!! Yesterday Taylor took a Laughing Cow Minibel cheese ("circle cheese" as my girls call them) and SHOVED it into their toy toaster. YUCK! Now I have to try and scrub the smear and chunks out!! Gotta love curiousity!

Hope you have a GREAT day Cathy!!

ticblog said...

She's in the 'putting' phase. Putting things in, putting things down, putting things over there...

Dawn - we call the Vache qui Rit "wax cheese" lol

At least you have a couple of helpers... who needs a dog when you have a toddler?

Kerry said...

LOL!!! That is a great story. Almost like a small ecosystem there, everyone serves a purpose! :)