Friday, June 02, 2006

Caroline is Officially 4 Weeks Old Today

Seriously, where does the time go? I keep telling Caroline to stay small, but she keeps on growing.

I cannot believe that Caroline was born 1 month ago today. She is really an awesome baby. For the past 2 or 3 nights now, she has slept for 5 hours at a time. Already her weeee little size 0-3 month sleepers are getting tight. When she straightens out, her toes curl downward, and her chest is exposed. I need to take a photo of her in her cute little outfits. It seems I never have the time to do that. Today I will.

Last night Caroline, Cliff and I spent another night in the Laundromat. We did 4 loads. We had fun last night though, just enjoying Sweet Caroline by ourselves. Enjoying her new-ness. And loving her. She is beginning to look for me, and she opens up her eyes really wide. We can see her pupils working. So neat. On the way to the mat, Caroline projectile vomitted in the seat. Lucky I had a sleeper and a change of stuff for her. We actually had to change her on the folding table, and put her items into the machine. I will be glad to have our machine working again. Hopefully tomorrow. The part should be in today we hope.

I ordered Caroline her Gerber spoon, and I have been in contact with the newspaper to get her birth announcement in. I have to call them back today when I have quiet moment. I still need to do her hand and foot prints in ink into her baby book. The plaster handprint we did a couple of weeks back.

I am looking forward to seeing Caroline smile. I love that. So many firsts to enjoy with her. It is so exciting.



Jamie said...

I am so glad everything worked out and not to much got recked. You are amazing Cathy i would have been a mess if that happened to me lol. It sounds like you guys are complete and very very happy so congrats on a great road ahead and enjoy every dip and hills you may come across. Good luck guys
with love Jamie

MurrayvilleMom said...

Thank you Jamie!

I hope you are doing well too!