Tuesday, June 06, 2006

kids say the weirdest things

Today, we walked to school, and we are heading around the corner to drop Cameron off at his door, and a little school friend Amy, and her friend (I am not sure of her name) peers into the double stroller to look at Caroline, and she says...

She looks dead, with her head all like this (she turned her head to the side to show me what Caroline's head looks like!) and then the girl makes a funny noise and I say she is definately not dead! She is alive and kicking!

I started to laugh...that is the first time I have ever heard a comment like that one before! Strange, but kids say wierd things I guess!


Katie said...

I tried to post this about a week ago but the Blogger was down, so here I go again....
Hey Cathy, that is TOO funny cuz I had a 5 year old girl say the SAME thing to me about Cael just this last weekend!!!! His head was turned waaay to the side in his carseat and he was sleeping for the first hour she met him and after about an hour when he didn't wake or move much, she asked me if he was dead!! LOL! I guess that's just how little girls reason.

Glad your washing machine is fixed! Hooray!!!

And I love the 1 month pic of Caroline! Give us more!!

-Katie (Planet-K)

MurrayvilleMom said...

Too funny! I have never ever heard anybody say that before. Weird it happened to both of us!

I will have to get more photos of Caroline on here!

Thanks for reminding me!